The Effect Of Flash Card Media On English Vocabulary Ability In Children


  • Frida Dian Handini Department of English Education, Universitas Quality Berastagi , Indonesia


Descriptive, qualitative, flash card, English, Observation


This study is a qualitative descriptive study that aims to determine the effect of flash card media on the ability of English vocabulary in children. The subjects of this study were children aged 5 years. The method used in collecting data is observation. Activities are carried out in several stages, namely; Introducing Flash card games to children, Providing explanations on how to use flash cards, Providing explanations about the vocabulary of words in flashcards, Giving examples of how to pronounce English, Applying flashcard games in the learning process in class to determine children's understanding of flashcard learning and determine who the winner is, and the sustainability of this program by evaluating in applying flashcard learning in class so that the learning becomes better. The results of this study indicate that the flash card media has an influence on the ability of English vocabulary in children.