About the Journal

JERIT: Journal of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, is a journal published by the Pena Cendekia Insani Foundation. Published twice a year (May and November), the journal accepts articles in electrical engineering and information technology with research methodologies that meet established publication standards. Article manuscripts can come from researchers, academics, practitioners, and other technical observers who are interested in research in the fields of electrical engineering and information technology. Articles may be written in Indonesian or English.


  • Information Technology: Software Engineering, Web Application, Mobile Application, Database Systems, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Expert System, Decision Support System, Knowledge and Data Mining, Multimedia Technologies, Mobile Computing, Parallel/Distributed Computing, Data Communication and Networking, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Data, and Cyber Security.
  • Power Systems: Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Conversion, Protection Systems, Electrical Material.
  • Signals, Systems, and Electronics: Digital Signal Processing Algorithm, Robotic Systems, Image Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Microelectronics, Instrumentation, and Control, Digital, and Analog Circuit Design.
  • Communication Systems: Management and Protocol Networks, Telecommunication Systems, Antenna, Radar, High Frequency and Microwave Engineering, Wireless Communications, Optoelectronics, Fuzzy Sensor and Networks, Internet of Things, Fiber Optic