Author Guidelines

The following guidelines for prospective authors apply [download]:

  1. Article consists of title, name of author, affiliation, abstract (Indonesian and English), keywords, introduction, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion, and references.
  2. Article should be actual, research results, and references derived from books and accredited national journal articles, especially reputable international journals.
  3. Articles could be based on either conceptual or empirical research findings.
  4. The content of research manuscript should include intruduction (problems, research question, objective and theory of the research), methodology, the findings, discussion, and coclusion and recommendation.
  5. Manuscript may be written in bahasa Indonesia or English  but still taking full care of respective linguistic principles of the text.
  6. Each manuscript should begin with a 150-word abstract of its content.
  7. Article should be original script and free from plagiarism and that it should be previously checked by turnitin application and the like.
  8. Articles should be approximately 7000-9000 words long; however, both shorter and longer manuscripts will be considered.
  9. Manuscripts should be submitted for consideration by email attachment; Microsoft Word is preferred.
  10. Unless otherwise indicated earlier, abbreviations should be avoided. Titles of journals should be written out in full.
  11. All article manuscripts will be blind peer-reviewed by qualified academics in the field; this is a process that may take weeks or months.
  12. Manuscripts may be edited for style prior to publication. Author should follow in-house style of Journal of Mathematics and Scientific Computing With Applications
  13. Authors should be willing to respond to questions from readers of their articles.
  14. Manuscript should be registered through Open Journal System (OJS) Journal of Mathematics and Scientific Computing With Applications.